Murri Women's Softball Tournament


2024 Murri Women's Softball Tournament 

1st - 2nd June - Logan City Softball Association

                                                                          Please email if you have any further questions.



a) All players must be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island heritage.
b) Officials may be non-Indigenous family members (or friends).
c) All players must be 15 years of age and over on the first day of the tournament.

Team organisers will be required to sign off on the final team list submitted through RevolutioniseSPORT prior to playhers taking the filed. Team organisers will need to sign off in the final team list submitted through RevolutioniseSPORT which will confirm that each players on the team list is Aborigional or Torres Strait Islander and they are aware that any team which breaches the ruling will be eliminated from the tournament. 


In 2024, team lists will need to be submitted through RevolutioniseSPORT. This will ensure that all players and officials are covered under insurance. 

Online team lists are required to consist of a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 15 players per team. Team lists and individual event registration will close Wednesday 17th May 2024.

Once your team entry has been completed via google forms, Softball Queensland will be in touch with more information on individual event registrations and submitting team lists via RevolutioniseSPORT. 


If your team is unable to supply a scorer and/or umpire for the tournament, please contact Morgan in the Softball Queensland office 4 weeks prior to ensure this can be organised. The set fee for an SQI Official is $150 for the duration of the tournament. The additional $150 on top of the $370 team fee will cover the cost of an Umpire and/or Scorer which SQI will organise. 

All payments and request for an Umpire and/or Scorer are due on Friday 8th March 2024.

If you wish to umpire at this years Murri Women's Softball Tournament - please complete the application here 

Team Fees: Each team must pay an entry fee of $370 to SQI to participate. If a team is unable to supply an umpire and/or scorer, the team will incur an additional fee of $150 per official required.

Please note: Softball Queensland only accepts 1 payment per team. The Team Entry Fee ($370) and any additional Official Fees ($150) MUST be paid by Friday 8th March 2024 using the SQI Bank Details. It is to the teams disgressions on how the fees are divied amongst the participants. 

Individual Fees: Softball Queensland is now required to comply with the rules and regulations of the Softball Australia registration system. This means means that anyone participating in any Softball Queensland event MUST register through the RevolutioniseSPORT portal. Any Non-Current Memebers that are required to pay a registration fee will need to pay through RevolutioniseSPORT.

Current Members: If you are currently playing in a softball competition through a Softball Queensland District Association. You are classified as a Current Member and will not incur an additional fee upon registering for the 2024 Murri Women's Softball Tournament.

Non-Current Members: If you do not currently play in a competition through a Softball Queensland District Association. You will need to pay a small fee of $18.71 upon registering for the 2024 Murri Women's Softball Tournament. This will ensure you are covered by insurance throughout the duration of the tournament. 

Once the Team Organiser has submitted your team through the 2024 Murri Women's Softball Tournament Google Form. Morgan, the Softball Queensland Events Coordinator will be in touch with more information about the submission of team lists.

 23rd January, 10am (AEST) Team Nominations Open 
Friday 8th March, 5pm (AEST) 

Team Entries Close 

Team Fees Due

SQI Official Requests and Payments Due 

Monday 11th March, 10am (AEST) Individual Registrations Open 
Friday 17th May, 5pm (AEST) Individual Registrations Close 
TBA Coaches/Managers Meeting 


For all enquries please contact:

Morgan O'Brien 
Events Co-ordinator
(07) 3391 2447 – Option 2 (Events)