Softball Queensland Masters

Friday, 2nd – Sunday, 4th August 2024


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2024 Masters Program



Team Information: Team entries are live using this link;
If a player/official from your team does not show, they are not registered. Please contact Morgan -

Team Entries: 
To enter your team, managers will need to fill out the 2024 Masters Tournament Team Entry google form. Please ensure that there is 1 entry per team entry. 

Register your team here:

Player, officials, and umpiring Entries/Registration:
Team Managers will receive an email from Softball Queensland containing their teams unique code and the registration process that should be shared with team players, officials and umpires. Softball Queenland highly recommends that all individual entries be completed by individuals. 

2024 Softball Queensland Masters Registration Portal (player, official and umpire entries):

If you have any enquiries regarding team entries, please email Morgan at

Entries for Players, Officials, and Umpires have been split into two categories:

- Current Members (A member who is currently registered at a Softball Queensland District Association) 

- Non-Current Members (A member who is not currently registered at a Softball Queensland District Association, and only participates in Softball Queensland events such as Masters)

Unique Team Code: Softball Queensland has emailed all Team Managers with their unique team code. 

Individual Registration Portal:


  • The tournament cannot go ahead if we don’t have enough suitable umpires. For a tournament to be successfully conducted, ideally 1½ umpires per team are needed.
  • Acceptance of team entry is conditional upon the team supplying an umpire who is available to umpire every day of the tournament. The nominated team umpire MUST be competent in umpiring both as a plate and base umpire, at least for the division that their team is playing in.
  • If needed, teams will be penalised for failure to provide an umpire for any allocated timeslot.
  • No participation fee is required for umpires.
  • Umpires must be listed with their team entry and on the online team list and complete the Umpire application form which closes 5pm (AEST), 7th July 2024

Umpire Uniform

  • All accredited umpires are required to wear their official umpiring uniform
  • All non-accredited umpires, or team members performing umpiring duties, are required to wear a light blue polo shirt with dark trousers.

In 2018, two additional requirements were placed upon umpires attending SQI sanctioned tournaments, including the SQI Masters Tournament. These additional requirements are not restrictive as they are current requirements of all umpires in Queensland already. These two requirements are:

  • The umpire must hold the Play by the Rules certificates (issued after 1/1/2017) for completion of the modules covering:
    • Child Protection; and
    • Harassment and Discrimination.

Please forward the following link to your team Umpire to ascertain these certificates:

  • All umpires over 18 must also hold a current Blue Card.
    • It is acknowledged that many umpires at the SQI Masters Tournament are juniors. If they are under the age of 18, they are unable to apply for a blue card so this requirement does not apply to them.

We also recognise that non-accredited umpires are often nominated by teams, but it is reasonable to expect they have a basic understanding of playing rules.

Key Registration Dates

Monday 29th January, 10am (AEST)              Team Entries Open 
Monday 5th February, 10am (AEST)  Individual Player Registrations Open 
Monday 15th April, 10am (AEST)

Team Entries Close 

9 players minimum must be registered, team umpire listed and paid in full to be considered a team. 

Early Bird Fee Cut-Off

Monday 1st July, 10am (AEST)

Individual Player Registrations Close

Refund Cut-Off Date 

After Monday 1st July, 10am (AEST) 

Late Registrations 

Players Registering late will not be eligible to receive a refund.

Players may only request a refund after the cut-off date as a result of serios injury or illness (medical certificate required).

Please note players cannot transfer their registration to another player. 

Friday 12th July, 10am (AEST) Draw Released 
Wednesday 24th July, 6:30pm (AEST)  Managers Meeting
Friday 2nd August, 7:00am (AEST)  Umpires Meeting 


Early Bird Player                                                

SQI Member - $103.67

Non-Member - $114.08    

Standard Player Fee

SQI Member - $113.88

Non-Member - $124.29

Late Player Fee 

SQI Member - $144.49

Non-Member - $154.90

Manager Only 

SQI Member - $42.45

Non-Member - $52.86

Umpires, Scorers & Coaches

SQI Member - $27.14 (Accredited)

SQI Member - $42.45 (Not Accredited) 

Non-Member - $52.86

* If you are not registered with a Softball Queensland District Association, a $10.41 Softball Australia insurance fee will apply. 

General Information and Forms

For all enquiries please contact:

Morgan O'Brien 
Events Co-ordinator
(07) 3391 2447