Social Softball

We are thrilled to introduce yout to the world of soical Slowpitch softball - a fun, inclusive, and relaxed version of the beloved game! Social Slowpitch Softball is perfect for players of all skill levels, ages and backgrounds. Whether you're a season players or just starting out, this is a fantastic way to enjoy the game in a friendly and social environment. 


What is Social Slowpitch Softball?

Social Slowpitch Softball is a modified, recreational version of traditional softball. It's played at a more relaxed pace, focusing on the environment and camaraderie among participants. The Game Emphasises teamwork, sportsmnaship, and most importantly, having a great time out on the field. 


Features and Benefits 

  • Inclusivity: Open to everyone regardless of skill level or experience.
  • Community: Join a community of like-minded individuals passionate about softball.
  • Fun-Focused: Enjoy the game in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. 
  • Physical Activity: Stay Active while having a blast with friends and teammates. 
  • Flexibility: Various formats and schedules to accommodate diverse preferences.
  • Social Bonding: Create lasting friendships and connections beyond the field. 


Why Choose Softball QLD Social Slowpitch Softball?

  • Professional Guidance: Expert guidance and support provided by Softball QLD. 
  • Structured Leagues and Competitions: Organised leagues and tournaments for a competitive yet fun experience. 
  • Events and Workshops: Participate in varous events and workshops to enhance skills and knowledge. 
  • Facilities and Equipment: Access to top-notch Facilities and equipment for an optimal playing experience. 
  • Safety and Support: Prioritising safety and providing support for all participants. 


Get Involved

Ready to join the experience of social slowpitch softball? Whether you're an individual looking to join a team or a group wanting to enter together, there is a place for you at softball QLD. Check out our upcoming events below for registration details. 

Do not miss the opportunity to be apart of an incredible community, have fun, and enjoy the thrill of the game in a relaxed setting. Join Us today and experince the joy of social slowpitch softball!


Upcoming Events 

Lockyer Valley - social competition (mixed and single gender to be confirmed) ages 16 and above. To register contact